All you need to become a vlog star!

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Tube Superstar

Record and edit your own vlogs, just like your fave channels, with Tube Superstar – the all-in-one vlogging toy that lets you create cool content and edit live as you go.

Tube Superstar includes everything you need to be a pro-vlogger, including a microphone to capture audio, a stand for hands-free vlogging, selfie stick for recording on-the-go, and an exclusive app featuring over 50 filters, animations and editing effects!

The unique microphone with QR reader controls how you edit your video as you record. Simply twist to change the code and the app will apply awesome effects, cool filters and super cute stickers.



Simply download the app, enter your exclusive code, put your smartphone in the holder and start recording!


The unique microphone with QR code reader controls how your edit as you record. Twist to change the code and the app will apply filters and editing effects.


Once you’ve recorded your vlog, you can add a title page and save it to your photos or gallery to watch back.

How to

Whether it’s an unboxing video, slime tutorial, cookery demo or beauty vlog – show off your skills with How To mode’s cool filters and effects such as speed-up, background music, freeze-frame and animated egg splats.


From showing off your gymnastics technique, to singing or even having a go at ‘flossing’ – show off your skills with Performance mode. This mode features facial recognition, auto tune and laser show animations.


Everyone loves a challenge video – so why not create your own? Try your hand at the ‘chubby bunny’ challenge, or even the impressive ‘invisible step’. Boost the fun factor with effects like slow-mo, audience cheers and confetti cannon animations.

How to use

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